Wednesday, June 23, 2010

What color lipstick goes best with a purple dress?

DON'T whatever you do, wear a purple lipstick. Unless you want to look like a clown or a goth. It will make your mouth and dress pop out meaning all ettention is going to be on ur body shape and lips. Particularly if the purple lipstick is the same colour as the dress. I reccomend a nude lip colour, or a soft pink that is similar to your natural lip colour. Keep the purples for your eyeshadow. Smoky eyeshadow with a hint of purple always looks fantastic.What color lipstick goes best with a purple dress?
nude pink for a natural look, or mauvey pink for a bit of purple undertone that is not startling.What color lipstick goes best with a purple dress?
a purple tint one? I dont think lippy matters as much so you can were whatever you have.
Anatural shade would be your best option because in most cases you should try to match your lip colour to your complexion and hair colour. If you absolutely must go with a more dramatic colour use a soft pink shade.If you use a lilac or mauve you will reflect the 80's in no uncertain terms.
Earthtone or a gloss.
I think a soft color in the peach family would be good for your cheeks and eyes.
I think natural look is gorgeous! You definetly dont want something to where it's really hard not to stare at...natural goes with everything!
pink i love it
if your purple dress is dark then go for a nude color. If it's a light purple then go for gloss.
Depending where it was you were wearing this dress I think red would look fantastic if you were to go out at night, a more natural colour during the day even just a clear gloss.
Match your skin tone, Not the dress.
a darkish brown...or you could try purple...but then use a dullish-bright purple eyeshadow
You should wear something that goes with your skin tone, not with the dress. But a pretty universal one is a light pink gloss. It looks natural, but still pretty.


  1. wow!! thank you. the girl in the shop told me the same i didn't believe her. thanks for making me not look silly for an important function where i will wear PURPLE!!!

  2. please what color of lipstick will go with a lapis purple dress?


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